Psychic Healing
The healing of one person by another, when this is brought about by purely mental means, i.e., without the use of any known mechanical, chemical or energetic means.
Members providing this service:
Angela Kahealani Angela Kahealani, Angela Kahealani
Angela Kahealani Crystal Faeries, Crystal Faeries
Celeste Crystalfaery Celeste Crystalfaery, Celeste Crystalfaery
El Herington Spirit of Kauai, Spirit of Kauai
Helene Rothschild Love to Peace, Love to Peace
Krystal Flores Intuitive Guidance, Intuitive Guidance
Mana Ji Sacred Forms, Sacred Forms
Shamanic Spirit Medicine Shamanic Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Spirit Medicine
Susan Renaud Healing by Suzanne. The Healing Center, Healing by Suzanne. The Healing Center

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