Massage & Bodywork
Many types and styles of massage therapy and bodywork offer both therapeutic and relaxing effects. Through the touch and manipulation of a person's soft tissue and muscles, physical and emotional stress and blockages are relieved, circulation is increased and pain and discomfort are diminished or eliminated.
Members providing this service:
A. Sky Asher ** Healing Massage Kauai **, ** Healing Massage Kauai **
Alia Hallowell EsScents Botanical Therapies and Freshwater, EsScents Botanical Therapies and Freshwater
Alison Grabel ali G body harmony, ali G body harmony
Aloha Massage Kauai Aloha Massage Kauai, Aloha Massage Kauai
Angelique Burris Kauai Holistics, Kauai Holistics
Avril Lawrence Touching Heaven Professional Massage Studio, Touching Heaven Professional Massage Studio
Carl Yeatts Carl Yeatts, Carl Yeatts
Carol Hart Hart-Felt Massage LLC, Hart-Felt Massage LLC
Casey Holt Kauai Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Kauai Chiropractic and Wellness Center
Charlotte Liddell Network Wellness Center, Network Wellness Center
David Day Chiropractic By Day, Chiropractic By Day
David OQuinn Kauai Massage & Intuitive Services, Kauai Massage & Intuitive Services
David Sigala Structural Integration Kauai, Structural Integration Kauai
David Sigala Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration
Deborah Cole Aloha Massage Kauai, Aloha Massage Kauai
Deborah Flagg-Calfee Deborah Flagg-Calfee, Deborah Flagg-Calfee
Dr. Kalani Walther On Call Chiropractic Services LLC, On Call Chiropractic Services LLC
Ed Stumpf Romilomi Kauai, Romilomi Kauai
Erin Clark Blue Sea Massage and Spa Therapies, Blue Sea Massage and Spa Therapies
Fern Merle-Jones Island Blessings, Island Blessings
Hollis Dana Happy Body Massage, Happy Body Massage
Jennifer Lett Jennifer Lett, Jennifer Lett
Jill Richardson Rolf Guild, Rolf Guild
Kalia Pettenuzzo Hands That Listen, Hands That Listen
Karen Zack Massage, Massage
Katharina Strack Touch Kauai, Touch Kauai
Katharina Strack Touch Kauai, Touch Kauai
Kathryn Connors Kathryn Connors, L.A.c #ACU487, Kathryn Connors, L.A.c #ACU487
Larry Hunt Larry Hunt, Larry Hunt
Larry Hunt Larry Hunt, Larry Hunt
Leeza Schiffer Let yourself be held. Outcall Massage., Let yourself be held. Outcall Massage.
Mana Ji Sacred Forms, Sacred Forms
Manima Dancosse Mana Massage, Mana Massage
Our Therapists TriHealth Ayurveda Spa, TriHealth Ayurveda Spa
PALMS MASSAGE / outcall service Wendy Raebeck, Wendy Raebeck
Pamela Phillips Tri Health Ayurveda Center, Tri Health Ayurveda Center
Paul O'Very A Touch In Paradise Massage, A Touch In Paradise Massage
Paula Kressley Lomi Kilohana, Lomi Kilohana
Paullie Purdy Paullie, Paullie
Penelope Law Bowen Therapy Kauai, Bowen Therapy Kauai
Penny Prior Lomi Mai Ka Na'au, Lomi Mai Ka Na'au
Rebecca Miller Healing Light Massage, Healing Light Massage
Rob Rice Rob Rice, LMT, Rob Rice, LMT
San Henline Ka Hui Ho`olu Outcall Spa, Ka Hui Ho`olu Outcall Spa
San Henline Ka Hui Ho`olu Outcall Spa, Ka Hui Ho`olu Outcall Spa
Sarah Kruse Embrace Ayurveda, Embrace Ayurveda
Sarah Rhinelander Rolf Hawaii, Rolf Hawaii
Shakira Freeman ,
Sharron Norton Manawai - Aquatic Bodywork, Manawai - Aquatic Bodywork
Sharron Norton Radiant Health Massage, Radiant Health Massage
Shiva Reinhardt Presence Massage on Kauai, Presence Massage on Kauai
Susan Renaud Healing by Suzanne. The Healing Center, Healing by Suzanne. The Healing Center
Tara Gorman A Heavenly Massage, A Heavenly Massage
Tatiana Blanco Island Enchantment, Island Enchantment
Thomas Hughes Shi-Jen, Shi-Jen
Toni Liljengren (formerly Rames) Toni`s Skin and Body Care, Toni`s Skin and Body Care
Toni Williams Lomi Kilohana, Lomi Kilohana
Tracey Schavone Kauai Outcall Massage, Kauai Outcall Massage
Virginia Dunas Kaua`i Academy of the Healing Arts, Kaua`i Academy of the Healing Arts
Yemaya Renuka Duby Ultimate Bodywork, Ultimate Bodywork

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