Name: Kathryn Connors
Title: Chinese Medicine Speciialist
Organization: Kathryn Connors, L.A.c #ACU487
Kapaa HI 96746
Phone 1: 808-635-0555  
Email: kcacupuncture5 at gmail dot com
There is only one health...with one vital life force to maintain health, provide energy, and heal us when we are ill. When those energies are in harmony, you experience vibrant health. When an imbalance occurs, you may experience illness, fatigue, depression, pain, cravings, or addictions. Our daily lives exist on different levels: The Physical, The Intellectual, The Emotional, and The Spiritual. When these different levels and dimensions of our lives are integrated and healthy, we live well. When we become ill we lose energy. Our bodies get out of balance through disease, stress, improper diet, or other factors and life becomes more difficult.

Acupuncture is an ancient science that uses the body's own intelligence as a feedback system to guide each treatment. It is a process of discovering your true nature and what it needs to function harmoniously, by seeking the root cause of an imbalance and gently guiding the energy back toward it's healthiest and highest potential. In this process, your life force and your joy are awakened. Our deepest places of vulnerability and weakness can also be the source of our greatest strength.

We heal ourselves through the greater and more effective flow of our vital life force, or as said in China, our Chi. Through the practice of Acupuncture and Shiatsu (acupressure massage), I help stimulate the body's natural power of recuperation. These treatments relieve stress, stimulate energy, oxygen and blood flow, and help make you feel better.

Kathryn Connors is a licensed Acupuncturist and Shiatsu Massage Therapist. Modalities include Medical Acupuncture using Cupping, Moxa, and Electro Acupuncture. Chinese Herbal Medicine. Facial Acupuncture and Full Body Shiatsu Massage.

She is a graduate of Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, she has trained in Shiatsu with Takashi in San Francisco and is a graduate of the J.R. Worsley Institute for Classic Five-Element Acupuncture in Santa Monica, California.

Service Area: Islandwide
Services offered by Kathryn Connors Kathryn Connors, L.A.c #ACU487:
Educational Workshops
Energy Therapies
Holistic Health Practitioner
Massage & Bodywork

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