Name: Mary Gewarges
Title: Yoga and Pilates Instructor
Organization: Mary Gewarges
Address: PO Box 309
Koloa HI 96756
Phone 1: 2082412560  
Email: mary_gewarges at yahoo dot com
A class or session with me is a truly unique experience. Focusing on functionality, I use my Electrical Engineering degree and extensive studies in yoga,pilates, anatomy, and subtle energy to infuse my teachings,where I treat the body, heart, and mind as a fully integrated system. I use creative sequencing to stretch and strengthen your individual musculature in a way that re-aligns your skeleton and moves your spine,
hips, and shoulders towards their neutral and natural alignment. This not only trains your body how to optimally carry itself through space, but
provides you with a unique type of challenge while deepening your relationship with,and understanding of, your body.

A constant student, I am in some of the more
revolutionary and advanced teacher training programs, studying Sridaiva Yoga with John Friend and Desi Springer, along with Advanced Vinyasa and Yoga Therapeutics with Tiffany Cruikshank. This is where I am learning the most current information on
yoga, kinesiology, and therapeutics, along with the integration of Chinese Medicine and Myofascial Release. My knowledge and personality are guaranteed to bring you a uniquely heartfelt and holistically transformative experience.
Service Area: Islandwide
Services offered by Mary Gewarges Mary Gewarges:
Breath Therapy

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