Name: Glenn Forman
Title: Life Changer
Organization: Four Dimensions of Healing
Address: P O Box 701
Kilauea HI 96754
Phone 1: 808.639.9221  
Email: StartHealing2Day at gmail dot com
Past abuse is my specialty. Stemming from an abusive past, many men and women find that, no matter how good their life is, it is not good enough. Even though they have manifested a good life, maybe even a truly amazing life, feelings of emptiness, worthlessness and perhaps even recurrent depression take over. If this resonates with you, I help eliminate the emptiness, hopelessness, perhaps even pain and trauma, so that you can finally enjoy the life you are living!
Service Area: Islandwide
Services offered by Glenn Forman Four Dimensions of Healing:
Breath Therapy
Energy Therapies
Holistic Health Practitioner
Personal Development and Psychology
Success Coaching

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