Name: Suzanna Kennedy
Title: Cheif Creative Officer
Organization: Reality Crafting
Address: Wailua
Kapaa HI 96746
Phone 1: 808 821-1393Phone 2: 808 634-2207
Toll Free: 866 393-9001FAX: 866 363-6722
Email: suzannak at verizon dot net

Our DNA is an elegant, sophisticated computer program consisting of two versions. The basic code contains 3% of the total, which has been mapped by scientists to our current biology. The other 97% (referred to as junk DNA by genetic scientists) are in hidden files, lying dormant.

Within the hidden files is a completely upgraded version of the human being. It features 12 strands of DNA instead of two. Along with the extra 10 strands comes many new features and abilities, that from the viewpoint of a 2-strand being, could be considered Divine or God-like. The upgrade features the installation of the Divine Plan for your life, replacing the ego
Service Area: Islandwide
Services offered by Suzanna Kennedy Reality Crafting:
Breath Therapy
Educational Workshops
Energy Therapies
Intuitive Guidance
Personal Development and Psychology
Sacred Healing
Success Coaching

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